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The Dahlonega Square Hotel

The charming Dahlonega Square Hotel offers six king rooms, six double queen rooms, and one private suite, as well as our wine tasting room and the Terrace Game Room Lounge to enhance the stay of our guests. The hotel is conveniently located in the historic district just steps from the historic square. 

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The Historic Villa

Fall in love with this quaint historic lodging located directly on the Dahlonega square. Ideal for two adults.  Perfect for honeymoon couples, anniversaries or a romantic getaway.


The Dahlonega Square Villas

These treasures are tailor-made for reunions, bridal parties and family vacations with spacious rooms, full kitchens and beautiful details. Bottom villas (Golden Pines-lower left and Miner's Ridge-lower right) can sleep up to four and top villas (Grand View-upper left and Mountain View-upper right) can sleep up to six with two bathrooms.

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